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join the birch group of premier medical spa businesses who are reshaping the future of the medical spa space, together

Realize the value you have created today and become part of a bigger vision, creating even greater value for the future.

Let’s Talk
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Birch is a pioneering Medical Spa platform that is acquiring premier Medical Spa businesses across the United States.

But this is not a typical acquisition. We are creating an ongoing partnership to build and empower an experienced, forward-thinking team, who is dedicated to providing an unforgettable customer experience, every time.

Is a Birch Partnership Right for You?

Answer these questions as you consider the goals for your medspa.


Make a Greater Impact

Do you and your team want to be a part of a bigger vision that will impact the medical spa space across the country?


Grow from Community

Do you want a chance to lead and learn from other top business and medical professionals across the country?


Leave a Legacy

Are you proud of the team and culture you have built and want to provide growth and education opportunities for you and your team?


Find a Balance

Are there administrative responsibilities that you would love for someone else to take off your plate so you can focus more on the things that you love to do?


Realize the Value You Have Created

Are you looking for an opportunity to realize the financial value you’ve created and an experienced financial partner to grow?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we would love to meet you to learn more about you, your medical spa and your personal and professional goals. Birch is not a one size fits all partnership and the first step is for us to share each of our visions and collaborate on an ideal partnership.

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The Value of Joining the Birch Medical Spa Platform

Maybe you don’t know what your ideal partnership looks like yet, that's why we collaborate with you to understand your priorities. The important part is that the platform is flexible and provides immediate support in all areas of the business to solve any pain points and drive more growth.


A strong community of like-minded industry experts


Regional support to recruit, hire, train and retain staff


National marketing platform to build and drive leads

Support Services

Procurement, accounting, analytics, IT and other support services

The how is just as important as the what.

Our culture is ingrained in everything that we do. Birch and its partners are creating an employee and customer brand experience that will reshape the future of the medical spa space.

Our Core Values

They are not just words on paper. They are infused into everything we do.

  • A Spirit of Entrepreneurs

    We are pioneers with a strong collective energy to take bold innovative ideas and resourcefully make them a reality.

  • An Elegant Force of Nature

    We are undeniably brave and willful in our actions but have a powerful radiance that motivates those around us to be better.

  • Intentional in Every Interaction

    We take every customer experience as an opportunity to genuinely listen, connect and make each personal journey meaningful.

  • Cultivating Potential in Others

    We are stronger together and reveal each other’s potential by fostering a space to learn, develop and thrive.

  • Experts and Educators

    We are trusted experts in our space who are eager to educate while achieving the best possible results.

  • Inspiring Happiness

    We are leaders with high ambitions but prioritize having fun because a smile is the universal language for happiness.

Meet Stephanie Hu

Birch CEO

We are led by Stephanie Hu, a purpose-driven leader based out of Denver, Colorado with 20+ years of consumer and health and fitness experience.

  • Stephanie was previously the CEO of Wellbiz’s Beauty Division, where she oversaw the Amazing Lash, Drybar and LunchBox Wax brands covering a combined 500+ locations.
  • Prior to joining the Beauty Division at Wellbiz, Stephanie was CEO of the Fitness Together brand (2 years), President of Life Time Sport (4 years), and went through the consumer marketing program at General Mills.
  • Stephanie completed her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Meet Jeffrey Lasher

Birch CFO

  • Our CFO is Jeffrey Lasher, an experienced finance leader based out of Denver, Colorado with 20+ years of retail and consumer brand experience
  • Jeff was previously the CFO of Crocs, Inc, the international footwear brand and the CFO of West Marine, Inc. an outdoor retailer focused on marine and boating products. He was also CFO of International Car Wash Group prior to the firms acquisition by Driven Brands, Inc.
  • Jeff also has 15 years of Automotive experience at Ford Motor Company, Budget Truck Rental and AutoNation.
  • Jeff completed his MBA at Pennsylvania State University and has a bachelors degree in business from the University of Alabama
Ford Motor Company

Meet Jessica Pratt

VP of Technology & Business Systems

Jessica Pratt has focused her career on workflow efficiencies for client facing businesses, for both the studio teams and clients. She’s based out of Parker, Colorado with 16+ years of health, wellness and fitness experience

  • Jessica was previously the VP of Business Systems for WellBiz Brands, where she oversaw the client facing technology for Fitness Together, Elements Massage and Amazing Lash Studio brands covering a combined 600+ locations
  • During her tenure Jessica led projects to make the point-of-sale system more efficient and released multiple products with automation to improve the experience such as customized online booking, digital forms and two-way SMS
  • Jessica understands the needs of service-based brands having worked as a massage therapist and as a front desk associate at Elements Massage
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We can’t wait to learn more about your medical spa and share Birch’s vision for reshaping the future of the medical spa space together.

What’s next?

I’m Stephanie Hu, the CEO of Birch Medical Spa. I’ll be reaching out to you personally to set up a time to chat. In the meantime, feel free to explore my background and our private equity financial partner’s background. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Want to reach me directly? Just email or call.

[email protected]